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One way to use this: Transcribe normally, and watch for improved strokes to be suggested. Suggestions are shown if a word can be stroked with fewer strokes than you used. You can hover a suggestion to see other options.

If you can't figure out how to stroke a word, fingerspell it or tab over to the keyboard input field and type it normally. A suggested stroke will be shown.

Turn off suggestions for clean text to copy and paste into another program.

Another way to use this: Type up a full passage, then review. Turn on the WPM graph and hover over a slow section to see what you struggled with. Or, turn on display of retractions and see where you made several tries at a word. You can also hover the mouse over a word to see how you stroked it.

A third option: Paste a passage into the keyboard input field. It will be annotated with how to stroke it. Type those strokes to reproduce the passage. This can be helpful when first learning.

Settings allow you to change the stroke display mode for easier reading. You can also tell the program what keyboard layout you use so that steno strokes will be properly recognized. Finally, you can turn on a warning so that you won't accidentally leave the page before copying out the text you have typed.

If you would like to use this program offline, you can download it here.
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